Friday, February 5, 2010

Guilty Parents Create Entitled Children

It is easy to feel guilty as a parent. There are many things to feel guilty about....not spending enough time with our children, being divorced, not getting them to bed on time and the list goes on ad nausem! However, guilt is not only a waste of your energy but is also a way to create entitled children. Why? Because we usually go overboard to make up to them for what we think we did wrong. We buy them extra things, we let them eat things we shouldn't, or we violate other limits we had set in place.

Entitled children are not fun people. They carry around an attitude that life owes them something. If they don't get what the feel is owed to them, they often get angry and hurtful.

Ask yourself, "Is their anything I am feeling guilty of that is not helping the relationship?" If yes, work on forgiving yourself. Or take one small action toward creating a solution to the problem. For example, if you are feeling guilty about not spending enough time with your child, make a date with her and put it in your calendar.

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Kathryn Kvols
Author of "Redirecting Children's Behavior"
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